MP Segona wants UPDF grilled over 12 slain soldiers

MP Medard Lubega Segona

Busiro East legislator Hon. Medard Lubega Segona Kalyamagwa has vowed to launch special investigation into the death of the 12 Uganda People’s Defense forces officers who died on a peacekeeping mission in Somalia during the weekend.

Speaking while appearing on Salt TV this morning, Medard added that though it’s an unfortunate event, UPDF as an organization needs to be squeezed since on several occasions they release wrong numbers of those confirmed dead thus smuggling in other bodies later on.

The celebrated proficient lawyer expressed pity for the Fallen UPDF soldier who succumbed to Al shabab Militants while on a peace keeping mission and added that as a country, we have lost great service men who died on duty.

Earlier on, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) revealed that Bodies of the fallen soldiers will not be handed over straight to their relatives and their identities will not be revealed now.

The deputy army spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiiki ahead of the arrival of the remains of the 12 UPDF soldiers killed in Somalia.

The bodies were expected to arrive in the country at 1:30 Pm at the Entebbe Uganda People’s Defence Air force base and will be received by the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi and other UPDF and Ministry of Defence officials.Lt. Col. Akiiki said.

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