Nambooze says Museveni has stolen everything including his own age

MP. Nambooze with Hon. Moses Kasibante

Mukono municipality legislator Hon. Betty Nambooze has described president Museveni as a person with the worst character that only concentrates on individual benefits at the expense of the state.

Speaking during the campaign against the proposed land amendment bill held last week in Nakulabye a Kampala suburb, Nambooze bitterly added never to call the head of State after his name or title but instead vowed to address him as Ssetoole a Luganda word meaning a glutton.

The shadow cabinet minister further noted that the format government is using to consolidate power and event plot to steal people’s land is not human and deserves to fall.

“President Museveni’s mission is to possess everything including the people themselves. All the 31 years he has been in office, the rule was about how to be president forever as Uganda is his father’s property. Ssetoole has rigid everything including even his own age” Nambooze said.

Talking about president Museveni’s age, Nambooze refereed to his famous Sawing the Mustard Seed where she revealed that president wrote about being born in 1938 when the father joined the war in Kenya. This is something that indicates that he should be about 8o years but it’s unfortunate he insists that he is just 73 years.

The proposed Land amendment bill has caused a lot of speculation and criticism from both Government, opposition and civil society organization with fear that it is intended to defeat a provision of article 26(b)(i), which requires government to make prompt payment of fair and adequate compensation prior to taking possession or acquisition of private property.

The controversial legislation was tabled on July 13 by Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana who faced a torrid time defending it in parliament before it was referred to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee.

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