Age limit, only bullet in the chamber to end Museveni rule – DP

Gerald Siranda

The opposition Democratic party has vowed to carry out a country wide ant-aging campaign that is aimed at stopping the lifting of the presidential age limit that was set at the age of 75 as per the constitution of Uganda, on Thursday they will be moving to Bweyogerere over a similar campaign and later proceed to Jinja where they will address a rally

Speaking to journalists at party headquarters on City House in Kampala, the acting secretary general Gerald Siranda said Article 102(b) is the only bullet in chamber that we are meant utilize to end Museveni’s monarchism and attain a peaceful transition of power to another leader.

Gerald notes that northern Uganda and west Nile have received an over dosage of blood shade after the downfall of Idi Amin and Milton Obote therefore we should fight so that people of western Uganda do not become victims hence advising president Musevini to retire after this term and looks after his cows.

However Mr. Siranda cautions that ‘’police has become a partisan institution when it comes to political issues, Police officers wear catchy uniforms with yellow t- shirts inside’’ said Siranda adding that last week eight DP members were critically injured due to the brutality nature of police however this time we shall not tolerate the acts of incompetent police. Therefore the party has trained boys to confront police in case they disrupt their campaign.

DP has continuously issued a statements calling on members of the public to come in large numbers to show solidarity against the move to remove age limits in a campaign dubbed K’ogikwaatako (we dare you to touch it).

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