Mbidde: Museveni killed institutions, now instruments of consolidating power

Fred Mukasa Mbidde

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Hon Fred Mukasa Mbidde has decried the way government institutions are functioning in the current National resistance movement regime.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television early this morning, the Democratic party National Vice Chairman added that most of the institutions like police, army, Judiciary and other arms of government are crippled but only being used as instruments of consolidating power.

“The death of institutions doesn’t mean they don’t exist; they exist but they are being used as instruments.” Mbidde said.

Mbidde added that one can’t run a country like a shop citing that when one single leader stays in office for over 30 years, eventually all institutions become task forces for the leader. There is no party called NRM. If it’s there, then it’s within the opposition.

Several government institution have for years been run on a one man command and in this plea, several atrocities have been committed all in the name of orders from above yet the people heading these institutions possess a constitutional mandate to ran the organizations

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