Kampala Minister allegedly assigned to block Kyuma Kya Yesu bail, Opposition fronts 8 layers

The opposition Team at Mubende Cout

According to our Insider at Mubende Court, it’s alleged that the state has assigned the Kampala State Minister Hon. Banny Namugwanya Bugembe to ensure that the Journalist William Ntege aka Kyuma Kya Yesu is denied bail.

It’s said that renown minister arrived at the court premises even before some state lawyers supposed to handle the case arrived and was seen exchanging some discussions with some of them.

However in the some plea, the opposition has also back fired with sending a team of 8 lawyers headlined by famous human rights Ladislaus Rwakafuzi.

William Ntege alias Kyuma kya Yesu, is in custody following the incidence when he narrowly clobbered MP Simeo Nsubuga who was rescued by fellow legislators. This was during this year’s Coronation anniversary of Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, in Mubende district about two weeks ago.

Some of the people in attendance include Makindye West Legislator Hon. Allan Ssewanyana, DP’s Hakim Kiiza who are all some of his sureties.

Minister Benny at the court

The team



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