OPINION: King Mumberes’ Unseen and Silent Tears

King Mumbere and IGP Kayihura

The Kings’ remaining Knights thrown out of the Muyenga palace. It was the fictitious officials of the Kings first.

It all started when he was immediately airlifted from Kasese to Kampala. His subjects were lied to that their King had been called for a friendly chat with the head of state.

My question remained what kind of friendly chat after a King had been tip toed by some police officer!?
That evening on the 27th of November 2016, I watched Bahati Remmy reporting that the Jet that had airlifted the King from Kasese had landed and the King had been whisked to some unknown destination.

In 48hrs from his arrival we realised the King had been taken to a detention centre contrary to the sweet lie. To cut the who story short he had been taken to Nalufenya, transfered to Luzira then lastly to the current Muyenga cell(the “Kings Palace”).

History continue to be written, King Mumbere can no longer be treated as a King. These bitter truths have been hidden from you his subjects. Unfortunately the hiding is done by the Kingdom officials.

King Mumbere is under jail in some foreign land. He is now alone and living an ordinary life like an other citizen but not as a King.

The first victim to be thrown out of the King’s palace was his spokesperson, there remained the Juveniles and some knights. These could not survive the last comb. It all happened last weekend.

We can now say that the King is staying alone and living and ordinary life.

The Only hope is the fact that there is still hope.

Sandy Apolo Randy
The Dream Team
Keeping the Hope Alive
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