Stay away from Age limit debate, Brig. Gwanga warns Ugandans

Brig. Kasirye Gwanga

Brigadier Kasirye Gwanga has warned Ugandans to stay away from the controversial Age limit debate and do more developmental projects than mere talking.

“Leave the age limit thing alone. Some people are 45 years and don’t have anything to show for those years. Now you are there shouting because Museveni is 73 years. Who told you he wants to stand again?” he asked.

Gwanga raised the concern citing that he gets disturbed when people talk about what they don’t know instead of venturing in agriculture to improve their household incomes.

“Are you stupid? We also have children. Instead of minding your household income, you are yapping over non-issues.”

Kasirye on a special note advised those speaking against the age limit bill to follow Museveni’s manifesto: talk about mechanization and irrigation-sensitive issues and leave age issues alone.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni with his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Last month when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was holding a press briefing for Uganda’s Giants Club Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum said that any Ugandan and whoever is discussing about the removal of age limit from the constitution is idle and lack what to do.

”Those debating age limit, what are you debating? Who has brought that proposal? Don’t waste your time with people who don’t have what to do, I have heard them but I am busy with my work.” He said.

That day President also defended David Mafabi the Private Secretary to the President in charge of Political Affairs that his statements about age limit were made out of provocations by indisciplined groups who have been all over the media. ‘What he did was counter political action’ President Museveni said.

It should be noted that still in July, the Justice and constitutional affairs Minster Hon. Gen.Kahinda Otafiire told the Observer  Newspaper that article 102 is one of the items to be amended in the next Constitutional amendment of 2017.

Though government is still holding its official take on the controversial move, it has not stopped the opposition, clergy, civil society organizations and some members of the ruling party from rejecting the idea.

President Museveni who was born in 1944 according to NIRA records is currently supposed to be 73 years of age meaning that the Uganda constitution cannot allow him to run for presidency in 2021 since he will be beyond 57years




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