Kayihura claims Nansana- Entebbe murders connected

Kale Kayihura

The serial murders targeting young women in Nansana and Entebbe municipalities in Wakiso district are orchestrated by the same criminal gang, the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura has revealed.

The murders have so far claimed the lives of 11 women in Entebbe and 6 others in Nansana municipality over the past one month. Each of the murder victims was gang rapped before being killed.

Now, the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, says there is a connection between the murders. “We have established that there is a connection between the murders in Nansana and in Entebbe. We are however still investigating this matter,” Kayihura told a news conference this afternoon.

A police report released this afternoon in connection to the murders in Nansana, shows that Police are holding more than 8 suspects including boyfriends, husbands and friends of four deceased women.

One of the suspects has been identified as Kaweesi who was allegedly hired by unidentified businessman in Nansana to kill young women and collect their blood.

Within a period of two months, a total number of seven women have been raped, tortured and killed in the same way but nothing big is being done, their body’s has found with sticks inserted in the mouth and another in their private parts. These women include Aisha Nakassinde, Sarah Nakajjo Nakintu, Norah Wanyana, Rose Nakimuli, Aisha Fendando alias Kasowolye, Gorrett Nansubuga, and Faith Komugisha,


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