Mirundi: Will it stop raining if Museveni is not president?

Tamale Mirundi

Former presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi has trashed calls for Museveni resignation from active politics by the opposition.

Speaking while appearing on NBS TV early this morning, Tamale noted that though some bush war veterans, and opposition figures want the move, but it cann’t force into retirement since he is not voted by veterans but the National Resistance Movement party (NRM) and the entire country.

“Museveni is neither hated nor loved by war veterans, westerners so if you don’t want him to rule again then go to his party and deny him a chance to stand again. Will it fail to rain when he loses?” Tamale said.

Tamale added that Politics is like blood, it goes where it is needed citing that government can’t give you anything, before demands and pressure but if the party wants Museveni to rule, it shall be a waste to cry for his acquiescence to retirement.

Early this week, famous lawyer, politician, diplomat, and civil servant Nuwe Amanya Mushega, asked President Yoweri Kuguta Museveni to hand over power to another person in a peaceful transition adding that president has not impacted everyone despite the long time spent in power since the people he has ruled for long are still baggers. “They ask for money, scholarships, jobs, etc,”.

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