8 Reasons why Mumbere’s mother wants Rwenzururu throne

All most every Munyarwenzururu has had his or her say regarding the current controversial debate which has been sparked by the deliberate misrepresentation of the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Queen mother’s last attempt towards saving the cultural institution from the valley of shame and defeat.

  1. In the first place, Nyamukama’s last attempts to once again control the sails of the Rwenzururu Kingdom into the ideal direction, cast a crystal clear vote of no confidence and incompetence on the young generation to whom the administration of the Kingdom had been assigned.
  2. Instead of questioning the mandate of Nyamukama in seeking to act as the rallying point under which the Kingdom must now re-organize, the young people must swallow a bitter pill of shame for bringing the cultural institution to its knees in just eight years of its recognition. We must recognize that our failure to lead and administer the Kingdom has necessitated the return of an ailing, old and experienced General on her walking stick to offer direction and purpose where confusion and incompetence reign.
  3. To those who continuously misrepresent Nyamukama’s message and mission for their own motives, a brief review of the Rwenzururu struggle history would be of tremendous assistance. Nyamukama Biira Christine Mukirane’s current efforts are not without precedence. Cultural institutions world over operate on established and time tested traditions. That means what has worked before. This explains why Great Britain has no written constitution. The great wealth of experience collected over the years formulates the unwritten norms and traditions to be followed. The experience over the years is that whenever the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu has suffered a severe blow at the top, Nyamukama has taken the controls until the storm calms.

. This was the case when the late, Isaya Mukirane Kibanzanga who was the first King of Rwenzururu Kingdom passed on. She endured the hardship of protecting a fragile and infant throne which had just freshly rebelled against Tooro Kingdom and the Uganda Central Government.


In the face of internal confusion and external attacks, she steadfastly maintained the sanctity of the Rwenzururu crown in the jungles of the Rwenzori mountains with a few loyal and brave young men and women. Who was she safe guarding the crown for? Definitely her son, Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma. Why didn’t she claim the throne then when Mumbere was still naive and unsuspecting?

The early eighties saw a surrender of the Rwenzururu armed fighters to the Obote government under the leadership of His: Majesty King Charles and a cessation of hostilities. This was followed by subsequent settlement of the King. Among which was his study scholarship to the USA. It is important to note that Nyamukama was hesitant to endorse this arrangement. The reasons why are reserved for another day but they are critical.

During the King’s long stay in the USA, Rwenzururu Kingdom went into some slumber not until the District leadership of Kasese went into the grip of the Rwenzururu ideology subscribers like Hon: Yokasi Bihande, Hon: Kibanzanga Christopher, Hon: Loice Bwambale among others. It is this group that resurrected the whole agitation and struggle for the recognition of Rwenzururu cultural institution under the 1995 Constitution.

In the absence of King Mumbere whose name was also clouded in accusations of commanding NALU rebels and sympathizing with ADF rebels in the mountains, Nyamukama become the center figure under which the Kingdom was re-organized. All meetings related to organizing Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu were held at her residence. A picture of His Majesty King Charles was delicately kept by Nyamukama and carried to every meeting, and often placed on the front table for every one’s view.

During the whole struggle for recognition, King Charles’ Royal Robe and crown were carefully arranged and kept by Nyamukama awaiting her son’s return. She always warned us her grandchildren not to come near them least we tried dressing the King’s crown which would symbolize his immediate dethroning. Why didn’t she claim Kingship then?

Today Nyamukama wishes to do what she has done before. To protect the crown and steer the the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Cultural institution forward while His Majesty King Charles’ trial alongside hundreds of our children is ongoing.

Only a strong and firm Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu can save King Charles and others arrested with him. But a weak and divided Kingdom cannot save the King and his subjects.

BY Kibanzanga Moses


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