SLAU Students, Lecturers on strike over Internship fees

Though its so rare for students from Private Institutions to strike, the death of St. Lawrence University proprietor (SLAU) Lawrence Mukiibi has made this possible.

The management that was left in charge has started facing different disputes that are common with other public universities in the country like Makerere, Mbarara, Kyambogo among others.

According to our well-placed sources reveals that lecturers are threatening to strike over internship supervision fees where it’s said that the wrangle is started by management over the payment mode of internship fees.

It’s claimed that some students paid internship fee in banks while others paid their fees at their respective faculty deans and It is upon that background that lecturers refused to supervise all students who paid money in the bank, because they claim that they never get paid that money forcing some students to pay twice so that their internships signed and supervised.

Lecturers refused to supervise any student who failed to pay at the faculty deans or else they pay twice, something students are not willing to do.


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