The Drama you missed as Security ministers, dodge plenary in fear of being grilled by bitter legislators

Odonga Otto

Yesterday, members of parliament decided to sit after a month long recess and continue discussing the ongoing killings in Wakiso district. In this meeting, a moment of silence was held for the deceased.

However, the main issue that was raised was the absence of the ministers and failure to get reports from internal affairs minister Gen. JJ Odong, and security minister Lt. Henry Tumukunde as directed by the speaker of parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga.

They insisted that the continuous investigations being carried out by police are useless if there is no report from these ministers to inform the country about what was going on.

‘’can we get a statement now, at least a partial statement of what they think are the likely causes of these murders.’’ Hon. Winnie Kizza the leader of opposition pleaded.

Due to this, Arua Mp hon. Odong Otto decided to move the motion that the house be adjourned until the responsible ministers show up on Thursday with the reports.

However, despite the fact that some ministers rejected the motion claiming that there are other issues to be discussed like the landslides in Sironko other than the killings in Wakiso district.

Due to this, the deputy speaker then decided to put the motion to vote and majority members of parliament overwhelmingly supported the idea of stopping parliamentary sittings.

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