CP Mwesigwa says Police has excelled than the recent years

DPC Frank Mwesigwa

The Kampala Metropolitan Police commander Frank Mwesigwa praised the excellent performance of the organization.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television early this morning, Mwesigwa noted that police is on top of the security game as it had earlier done citing that even more is still coming.

Mwesigwa also denied the fact that Uganda Police is conniving prostitutes noting that though Prostitution is illegal but when it comes to handling cases were they are victims, there is always need to bring them to your side.

He adds that prostitutes have been giving police credible information and Sometimes used them to gather more vital information.

He noted that For Entebbe cases, out of the twelve people who were arrested, four appeared in court and the organization is set to take the remaining suspects to court. “We were waiting for this moment for courts to open” says Mr Mwesigwa

He also said that what is important to note is that investigation is so scientific and cannot be completed in one day. It is a process which involves talking to witness for details.

He however denied the allegations that police is paying prostitutes for any possible information about the murders.

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