Confession: Pastor Kakande forced me to sleep and dine with his ‘Holy Snake’

As we had stated in our previous article about the Kubiri self-proclaimed Man of God that he had lost his mental health, more terrifying developments have continued to emerge.

An exclusive audio interview with one of the alleged ‘man of God’s” ex assistants circulating on social media, the anonymous assistant reveals shocking details on how he was forced to live, sleep, play and dine with the White ‘holy snakes’ which were pivotal to his sources of his powers.

The yet to be identified assistant also confirms that to our earlier story that the legendary pastor had indeed in the month  of August, 2017 checked in at Butabika for mental overhaul as his super natural ‘holy Snake’ had mysteriously passed on.

In the interview, the self styed assistant also further claims that the unbearable event that led to the man of God run berserk was the disappearance of his grand ‘angel’, an eight year old girl who deserted him to unknown destination and has since not returned to him.

“The biggest blow came when he came home and found the main gate wide open. His eight year old girl who has been his spiritual base had disappeared into thin air. This was his biggest blow and he cried like a kid and he has since been the same”, the narration goes on.

It is said that since the death of his ‘holy snake’ and the disappearance of the mysterious eight year old girl, numbers have dwindled from 20,000 worshipers to nearly 200  members on peak days like Sundays.

The alleged assistant who claims to be in hibernation now, says that him and two other assistants have been so close to Pastor Kakande and have been involved in mysterious acts which including accidents and of incidents arson in the country.

In the audio which is in Luganda dialect, the unnamed assistant names Pastor Iga, Maama Fina, Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleon as Pastor Kakande’s accomplices in the miraculous spiritual world.

However, this audio can hardly be verified as far as the authenticity of the allegations are concerned.

Below is the link of the audio for your personal listening:

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