Museveni Idiocrancy to make Ugandans loose hope at its peak – Nakuya

Aidah Nakuya

Former Kampala district woman MP aspirant Aidah Nakuya has also thrown his weight behind the team rejecting the move by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) cause of having article 102 b scrapped from the Ugandan constitution.

Nakuya who threw her take on her social media account said though she doesnot like insulting insult but Uganda is no longer Uganda but Uganja, No longer the nation but a notion which Museveni feels he can twist anytime he feels like.

“The time is now or never and Age Limit is The Limit. Been puzzled from the day I saw and heard a certain faction of NRM MPs supporting the removal of age limit from the constitution. What quickly ran to my mind was a scripture in the bible which I turned to my own phrase” You foolish representatives who bewitched you? However, I was like Thanks be to the Lord for its now unveiled that the Idiocracy in Museveni to make Ugandans loose hope is at its peak….. I don’t intend to insult but Uganda is no longer Uganda but Uganja. No longer the nation but a notion which M7 feels he can twist anytime he feels like”.

The former KCCA Councilor added that for all the forces of change to come out of their comfort zones and raise against the dictator, there is not only need raise our voices and number of words but our actions to bring up a formidable force for Change.

She also noted that there is need of the opposition, some members of the ruling party and the general public to join hands since the battle the country is heading to is equivalent to world war II.

“I believe in a parliament that if Hon. Nsereko Muhamad sings, Allan Sewanyana jumps on top of the parliamentary tables, Amoding slaps the one tabling the bill and Munyagwa tears down the fake papers.” She added.

On Tuesday 12 September 2017, the team of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) legislators voted to spearhead a private members bill to amend article 102b scraping the presidential age limit set at 75 years.

The motion was moved by Kyaka County MP Jackson Rwakafuzi to scrap the presidential age limit which was backed by all NRM MPs except the kumi Mp Monica Amoding, in a meeting chaired by MP for Bubyangabu county Adolf Kasaija Mwesigye,.

The 1995 constitution bars anyone above 75 years of age from standing for president. This means President Museveni is not ineligible to seek re-election in 2021 unless the constitution is amended.


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