NWSC completes Multi-billion Water project in Masindi

In a bid to improve water supply services in Masindi Town and the surrounding areas, NWSC using her internally generated resources has commissioned a 2.2 billion Project with an aim of improving water production at Kiyanja water works Masindi.

The Water Production Improvement Project, which was designed in-house and directly supervised by NWSC Engineers entailed expanding the production capacity of the intake and water treatment plant at Kiyanja. The new facility addresses the water shortages, rationing, and dry zones, which had become rampant in Masindi Town.

The newly constructed treatment/production line is comprised of new intake pipeline, coagulator and flocculator, clarifier, filter, electromechanical installations (new raw water & high lift pump), and associated pipe work interconnections and civil works.

Upon completion, the water production capacity of Kiyanja water works has increased from 1,800,000 litres/day to over 4,300,000 litres of water/day and meets the area demand for the next 15 years.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, the Masindi area manager Ms Racheal Anne Alokit assured residents and stakeholders that the Corporation has embarked on massive water mains extensions under the Service Coverage Acceleration Programme that was launched a few weeks back.

The NWSC Water Supply Infrastructure Manager Eng Denis Taremwa shared that only 50-60% of the water is being consumed from the newly completed systems. “We now have a task of extending the 40% and serve more people in Masindi.” He further urged the residents to stop encroaching on the water source.

According to the NWSC Senior Manager Operations West and South Western region Eng Mahmood Lutaaya, the Corporation is doing similar projects in various areas of operation. He went on to mention that NWSC will extend 100kms of water mains and install 100 public stand pipes in the next one year. In total the Corporation will extend a total of 300kms of water mains and install 300 public water points to serve over 212 villages in the next 3 years. “We want to install more public water points and reduce on the influence of middle men selling water at 500shs or more per jerrycan. NWSC sells a jerrycan of water at public stand posts at only 25shs.” he added

The Chief Guest, Masindi RDC Mr. Nyakahuma Godfrey commended the Corporation for the commitment towards service delivery and water for all Ugandans. “We had a problem of water in this Masindi town and the MD NWSC Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha promised that the Corporation would address it. Indeed the promise has been fulfilled. NWSC is at the forefront of pushing government programmes.” he said.
He added that the new system will greatly contribute to the economic and social development of Masindi town that is booming with massive development upon discovery of oil.

Also in attendance were: The district Vice Chairperson, Masindi Town Mayor, CAO, Contractor (Updeal Limited), customers and other district stakeholders.

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