NRM’s Wanyoto faults party MPs for ignoring Ugandans on age-limit motion

Lydia Wanyoto

The Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Women’s League Lydia Wanyoto, has challenged her party no consider consulting all Ugandans than singling out on legislators.

Speaking while appearing on Capita Gang a Weekend radio talk show, Wanyoto said that though the ruling party has the numbers in parliament, the issue of age limit is far bigger than the party.

“President Museveni is popular today and will be tomorrow; but this issue is not about who is popular. It is not about winners and losers. There must be a win-win for all Ugandans.”

She added that mature politics involves multipartism and consultative processes something most of the party members have ignored.

I have told my colleagues not to take this issue to the ballot because we want every Ugandan to win in this we can’t narrow issues of amending the constitution to the 300 of NRM legislators.

On Tuesday, 245 NRM MPs led by Raphael Magyezi (Igara West) resolved to push for a parliamentary debate on article 102b that bars anyone above 75 or under 35 from standing for president.

However some ruling party members have vowed not to support the motion citing that though president has been great leader but his time is up therefore deserves to consider thinking about his retirement while still loved.


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