Age limit war: Our MPs busy betraying Ugandans – NTV’s Douglas Lwanga

Douglas Lwanga

NTV THE BEAT’ TV host, brain behind the ‘PURPLE PARTY’ and Yuppies brand ambassador Douglas Lwanga has too joined the public to express his concern about the age limit saga that is currently a trending topic.

Douglas Lwanga is not one who has been a victim to pay attention to the politics in the country since his interest has always been in the celebrity lives especially musicians. However, many celebrities and socialites are borrowing a leaf from Bobi wine by taking a step and engaging themselves in the political discussions. ‘Come to think of it….. I am not into politics but somehow a few things mesmerize me,’ he says.

In his post, Lwanga questions the role members of parliament are playing when they enter into parliament which contrasts with the knowledge that he was taught about the role of members of parliament.

He adds that unfortunately these members represent themselves and forget the people and the purpose as to why they were sent to parliament. ‘’When we were in school, I was taught that Members of Parliament (MPs) represent us (The People).

I hear since we all cannot sit in Parliament and debate national issues, we therefore send representatives called MPs. Ok sikiibi!! But I think when these guys reach parliament it’s not us they represent.’

He writes. Douglas further seeks to know the people that the Members of Parliament are representing and whose views are they presenting during plenary if it’s not for the people that sent them to parliament.

This makes him curious to know as to why members of parliament forget those that voted them. He also wonders what happened to Uganda as he claims that there is no one to listen to the voice of Ugandans.

Douglas believes that finding a solution to the questions that are running in his mind is the only way the country can be helped during this age limit crisis.

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