Don’t Point fingers, Dave Dash is sick, needs your support and prayers

Dave Dash

Earlier today a friend of mine wrote to me through WhatsApp relaying to me that Dave Dash has run mad, apparently, due to drug abuse.

I have been reading remarks on the internet from several people with many judging him, calling him names and so many not-so-nice things.

As a former addict, I know Dave is not mad. The word is sick. He is sick and we need to help him heal rather than point fingers at him.

Myself, there are days I stayed naked in my house after using. On many such days I got hallucinations about so much. Sometimes illusions of me swimming in a pool, having intercourse with a woman, playing an instrument and so on and so forth. I could have stepped out, but there was always someone taking care.

The people around me, especially my driver did not know what was going in my life. They thought me crazy and that’s the thing with drugs, whereas everyone may find you insane, you’re in your own world, having a great, great time.

I consider myself lucky to have sought help at Butabika. My life was going downhill, but thank heaven I noticed before it was very late, before the media got pictures of me naked, as well.

What has happened to Dave should be a signal that many people are struggling with addiction. They wish to break free from this disease. One that is biting on our dear lives, silently.

It is therefore our responsibility as a community to help people like me, like my friend Dave.

I’m looking forward to working with individuals and organisations willing to end substance abuse.

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