America condemns Age limit police raids, arrests

US Ambassador Malac

The US Ambassador to Uganda, Ms Deborah Malac, has condemned the continued police brutality and arrests to the Ugandans and the non-governmental organizations

In a statement posted on the official social media page of the embassy on Thursday, Malac said that the on-going arrests by security forces of opponents of the proposal to remove the presidential age limit is a break down in the space for democratic and freedom of expression.

Ambassador Malac says the security crackdown and raids on two Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) risked “tarnishing” Uganda’s image globally.

“The United States is deeply concerned that recent arrests and raids stifle the Ugandan people’s right to free expression and tarnish Uganda’s global image. We are disturbed by reports of raids on NGOs, “she notes, adding: “Infringements on protected rights under Uganda’s Constitution will impede the country’s development. We call on the government of Uganda to guarantee all its citizens freedom of speech, expression, and assembly, without fear of intimidation.”

On Wednesday evening, an affidavit sworn by a Walya Henry Peter at Makindye Chief Magistrates Court, the search warrant against the premises of Action Aid International Uganda was issued to obtain evidence relating to elicit transfer of funds for funding unlawful activities

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