Nyanjura arrested as Makerere students take Age limit demos to Kikoni slums

Students protest police orders

Makerere University Kampala City Council (KCCA) Councilor Doreen Nyanjura has been arrested and whisked away to unknown place.

Nyanjura who had planned to match to city hall in protest of the proposed age limit removal was taken along with other students.

It should be noted that Lukwago and a group of other opposition elected city leaders had today planned to hold a procession from city hall to City Square where they were to launch their ‘Togibikula’ campaign against lifting of the presidential age limit.

Apparently students have waged a number of roadblocks at Sir Apollo Kagwa Road something that has forced Joint security deployment of military and police officers to fire live bullets and teargas to disperse the wordy students.

Nyanjura being arrested as she tried to access parliament


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