If you don’t support Age limit removal, Go hang – Anite

Minster Evelyn Anite

Minister Evelyn Anite has this morning chocked the National Resistance Movement haters with bitter words.

Speaking to the media at parliament, Anite said that described Today Thursday 21st September as a wonderful day. “I woke up in my spirit. This is the day for young people, I don’t care about those who don’t like Mzei.”

Anite added that those who don’t support the decision to scrap off age limit from the constitution don’t have a clear argument. All they are saying is ‘tojjikwatako’. “If people didn’t touch the Constitution in 1995, political parties wouldn’t be existing.”

“If there is a lacuna in the Constitution, it is our constitutional duty and mandate to remove that lacuna. I have nothing to regret, my constitution, which I’m going to amend, tells me that the army will defend me.” She said.






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