KOGIKWATAKO: Nambooze storms parliament like Commando threatens kick NRM MPs

Nambooze the Commando

Mukono law maker Hon. Betty Nambooze rolled the Swag down as she stormed the August House dressed like famous pugilists in the Fast and Furious Movie.

The Iron lady who was dressed in Red and white sweater, bouncing like Holly wood’s Angelina Julie’ proceeded towards the place where embattled Arua MP Col. Ibrahim Abiriga was standing and threatened to remove his yellow painted cape, then smiled off.

A few minutes after she had disappeared inside the building, Drama rolled back as she ascended to the Chambers with a Military top on her head.

As some legislators broke up in surprise, Nation changed her like with weird look and only said one word “Kogikwatako” a Luganda word that means don’t dare touch it.

As soon as the Deputy Speaker entered the chambers, the mood changed till when the session was forcefully suspended till next week. This stimulated excitement among opposition legislators who sung the National anthem and dressed in red bands around their heads as a sign of solidarity.

Betty Nambooze Memes now rocking the city



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