Don’t silence Ugandans against Age Limit removal – Amnesty International

Opposition Leader being warned by a Police officer

Amnesty International has asked Ugandan authorities to stop their absurd attempts to silence people opposed to scrapping the presidential age limit.

Now in a statement released to the media, Michelle Kagari, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa says all Ugandans must be allowed to freely express their views for or against issues of national importance to them.

The actions the government is taking in this case amount to criminalizing dissent and contravene both Ugandan and international law citing that these raids are simply desperate attempts to harass and intimidate civil society organizations.

This statement follows the much anticipated debate on a motion seeking leave of parliament to present a constitutional amendment removing age limit on the presidency failed to take off yesterday amid chaotic scenes in parliament and on the streets of Kampala.

However, the Ofwono Opondo, the executive director of Media Centre, responded yesterday saying, that while they “value diplomatic relations with all the countries of the world, Uganda is not very keen to take unqualified lectures from foreign agents.

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