Being president for long doesn’t make you own Uganda – Bobi Wine to Museveni

Bobi Wine

The Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has vowed to continue with his campaign against the lifting of the age limit through audio messages and music.

Speaking to the Insider, Kyagulanyi says the first audio message which he issued was just part one of what he still has to do.

He added that serving a job for many years doesnot make you the owner of the business implying though the president has served Uganda for over 3 decades it doesn’t mean that he owns.

In that message Kyagulanyi called upon Ugandans to rise up and defend the constitution. He also calls on president Museveni to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

Kyagulanyi’s comments follow Friday’s incident where Entebbe police blocked his procession as he returned from a New York trip.


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