AGE LIMIT: Col. Kulayigye says Some MPs behave like Marijuana smokers

Felix Kulayigye

Former Uganda people’s Defense Forces (UPDF) Spokesperson Col. Felix Kulaigye has criticized the conduct in which some legislators behaved in parliament this afternoon.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the scuffle, Kulaigye said that some members behave like drunkards forgetting that parliament business is for intelligent and sober people.

He added that sober people discuss and listen to each other one of the things that has gone missing in the 10th Parliament where some legislators assume to be superior than others.

“Sober people discuss and listen to each other, some of us are behaving like we are drunk on marijuana.” Kulaigye said.

This afternoon, there were clashes between opposition and NRM legislators following allegations of a gun that was sneaked in the house an event that caused exchange of bitter words resulting into fist fights, tearing of clothes and throwing chairs on legislators.

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