How Bobi Wine preemptively avoided arrest ahead of age limit debate

Bobi Wine jumps on Boda Boda after he was blocked by police officers

The trek of how ‘Swaggerific’ Kyadondo East legislator Kagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi wine got to parliament has left many Ugandans with their mouth widely open like that of famous Nigerian actor’s ‘Mr. Ibu’.

Though police had deployed dozens of officers to arrest him ahead of today’s setting, Bobi Wine psychologically left them standing like electric poles when he refused to return home on Monday night and instead spent a night in the Kamyokya Ghettos.

On realizing about his plot, police tempted to block him and as aghetto gladiator, the Kiwani hit maker grabbed a boda boda that took him straight to the August House as police officers remained stranded.

“They tried to grab me off the boda but the riders fought them off. Then the Police officers also jumped onto boda bodas to chase me but the boda guys refused to carry the Police officers. I AM NOW AT PARLIAMENT.” Bobi Wine posted on his page as soon as he arrived at Parliament.

Omubanda Wa Kabaka first had to hog Kikomando a head of the fight.

Police patrol van blocks Bobi Wine in Kamwokya

What happened after arriving at Parliament

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