Gen. Tumukunde: Lukwago must understand that policemen not politicians, Work on orders

Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde

Security minister Gen. Henry Tumukunde has accused opposition leaders for not coordinating with the Uganda police forces in times when they are out of law.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television early this morning, Tumukunde added that some leaders like cheap popularity and end up resisting arrests which results into being manhandled since officers work on orders from above.

“I get disturbed when some opposition leaders like Kampala City Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago are arrested, why are there always cameras?, people who have been in army know what it means when police has orders to arrest you, And by the way, we condemned Lukwago’s arrest.” He said.

Lukwago was on Thursday morning brutally arrested by security operatives at his home in Wakaliga ahead of the planned Anti- age limit removal demonstrations, he whisked a way to Nagalama police station where he spent about 12 hours under police custody.

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