Anite describes MPs against Age limit removal as ‘Selfish Hooligans’

Evelyn Anite and PM Rugunda

Minister Evelyn Anite has decried the behaviors depicted by legislators during Tuesday’s plenary that turned chaotic.

Anitte who made a facebook post immediately after the parliamentary session described it as a wasted day by selfish opposition hooligans.

She added that though the opposition is trying to block the move, but the issue of amending article 102b will not be stopped at whatever cost.

“Another wasted day by the selfish opposition hooligans who can’t debate accept only making noise for their own self interest. Thank you Ugandans for not following the hooligans Indeed you love your President And We promise Not to let you down No one will intimidate us We are your true voice
✊FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY” she posted.

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