SC Villa penalized over attack against football officials

SC Villa fans

Uganda sports club SC Villa has been penalized by the Federation of Uganda Football (FUFA).

The penalty comes after the unruly characters that were exhibited during Villa’s game against Vipers in the Azam Premier League on September 23 at St. Mary’s Kitende stadium where their goalkeeper Samson Kirya threatened to beat up Alex Muhabi and other much officials.

Its further noted that SC Villa players unveiled horrid scenes and were joined by their fans who disagreed with the official’s decision to award Abel Eturundde of Vipers a penalty and hence decided to throw bottles, breaking the gate and the barrier that separates VIPs from ordinary spectators.

This move forced Viper’s president, Lawrence Mulindwa to raise complaints to FUFA for sabotaging St. Mary’s stadium.

‘SC villa’s manager Muhammad Jumba has been handed a four match ban for threatening violence against the referee. This means that he is not allowed of access the team dressing room while serving the ban.’ The FUFA disciplinary panel announced.

However, FUFA went ahead to suspend Samson Kirya, the team’s goal keeper for inciting violence and he will therefore not play for two matches.

As a punishment to the team, FUFA has decided to subtract two points and two goals from the ones it had gained and also fined to pay one million while further investigations are still carried out.

‘SC Villa has also been fined one million shillings whereas the case of vandalism of the stadium and misconduct by individual SC Villa fans has been referred to the FUFA disciplinary committee for further investigations.’ Said the disciplinary panel.

FUFA says that the decision was made basing on the reports that were sent to the disciplinary committee from the referee, match assessor, photos taken and video coverage.

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