Only stupid people let history repeat itself, we are fed-up – Bobi Wine

MP Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Hon. Robert kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine says that the major emphasis for opposition to fight the passing of the age limit is to ensure that there is a peaceful transition of presidency from the old to the youths and therefore they NRM leaders should not mislead the public.

Appearing on the stream, Aljazeera, Bobi wine condemned president Museveni for going against his word of assuring Ugandans about the inability of a person above 75 years to lead the country. ‘I want to see President Museveni to respect his word that he said to all Ugandans. We need a peaceful transition of power.

He insisted that opposition members of parliament cannot allow and rely on elections because according to him, elections in Uganda are never fair and are just for formality because they are dominated by military brutality and the rightful winner is not allowed to petition.

‘This is our only chance as Ugandans. In the last elections, Besigye won the elections but he was put on house arrest and not allowed to present a petition. As long as Museveni is on the ballot, it will always be unfair.’ He criticized.

However, during the same show, professor John Mbaku Professor of economics, Weber State University has advised all Africans to not only focus on the articles that limit life time presidency but on the entire constitution since it is the most powerful tool of governance.

‘Africans should find ways on how to ensure that a constitution cannot be manipulated. People in Uganda should also know that it is good of put limits so as to encourage political competition.’ Professor John Mbaku advised.

Bobi wine has much advised president Museveni to give all Ugandans the chance to have a peaceful transition of power for the first time because it is only stupid people who let history repeat itself.

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