Multichoice’s Hamya On the Spot Again

It was recently revealed on social media that Multichoice CEO, Charles Hamya and his employees were involved in cheating their clients by charging TV subscription in dollars.

This sparked off criticism from Multichoice subscribers.

Our sources have revealed that Hamya who is one of the most loaded CEOs in the land with vast properties that include Ericson house makes money using un clear methods like conniving with land owners where Multichoice masts are put to exaggerate prices of buying land.

Hamya approves the payments through his chief finance manager and after paying the land owners, he gets his share.

A source goes on to reveal that Hamya did this in Mbarara where a deal had already been sealed to get cheaper land by junior staff but later Hamya got involved and almost doubled the prices of land where the masts were set up.

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