Too bad, Museveni ministers think we are mad because we are poor – Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East Lawmaker Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu has criticized president Museveni and other government officials for mocking poor Ugandans.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with NBS Television on Friday night, Bobi Wine accused them for not considering the people’s ideas and pain something that forced him say that, ‘they look at poor people as if they mad’.

Bobi wine made these statements in response to government officials like Minister Evelyn Anite, Bright Rwamirama who claimed that there should be a drug taste for all legislators since some behave like drunkards.

Bobi Wine furiously said that he doesn’t blame them because they are privileged with huge wealth they acquired at the expense of the poor people.

He however warned them not to brag a lot and assume that the poor and unprivileged Ugandans are happy with them since they are in the evening of their reign.

Bobi Wine: I do not blame Anite. Just a few shillings can make her say anything. I do not blame Hon. Rwamirama. These guys have been rich for 31 years at our cost. They think poor people are mad. Like Buju Banton said, “He who feels it knows it”


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