God will punish you for what you did – MP Zaake tells off Gen. Katumba

MP Zaake, Gen, Wamala

Mityana legislator Hon. Francis Zaake has reacted on the recent parliament clashes where opposition lawmakers were manhandled by government officials over attempts to block the presidential age limit removal motion.

Zaake who is still hospitalized at Rubaga Hospital revealed the unforgettable information between him and the state minister of works Gen. Katumba Wamala one who was caught on Camera punching him till with he went into unconsciousness.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Zaake described Katumba Wamala as one person he considered to be a father, a role model etc but got shocked that he is the exact person wanted to kill in front of Cameras.

Though the youthful parliamentarian says he forgave the former UPDF boss, he still says that he prays God rewards him accordingly as detailed in the original post below.


Butebi village in Mityana district is where my story begins, looking at me, no body could ever guess that I would be a leader in the mere future, actually not even myself had an idea of what I would become until I got a role model whose inspiration awakened the leader in me, unfortunately we had never met with my role model until when the people of Mityana Municipality accorded me an opportunity to represent their views in the 10th parliament, to be honest, I befriended him and made him my mentor with great respect for him. I have always been very grateful to my “friend” until 27th of September, 2017 when he almost ended my story on earth, on that day I learnt that I mistook a frenemy for a friend.

General Katumba Wamala you almost killed me, iam, but just a child to you, I owed you respect as a father, role model, mentor and most importantly as a friend that is why when you feigned to be calming me down indeed without hesitation I did so, little did I know that you were tricking me. I was only fighting in defence of my life against the brutal treatment from the strangers in the house that is why a calming voice from “a friend” made me feel safe in your hands. You caught me unaware by hitting hard on my face, I fell down unconsciously, you went ahead to hard-hit again on the head of almost a dead person, surely the last blow was a finishing punch but thank God iam alive.

Friends, God is the author of my story and therefore none can end it until God deems it necessary. While lying lifeless on the floor, I felt people dragging me out of parliamentary chambers and dropped me in the exit door where hon Kasibante, Nambooze and Ssewungu picked me and tried to take me out of the lobby of parliament but were also beaten and arrested by police leaving me helpless. A group of policemen carried me and dropped me into a van where hon Nsereko and other Mps were held by that time I had fainted and that I appeared dead as told to me by hon Nsereko.He says that the Kampala Metropolitan commander Frank Mwesigye picked me and took me to the police van, I had started gaining consciouness and realized that Frank Mwesigye was carrying an injection syringe containing a red chemical substance which he forcefully injected into my body while warning me never to become a hurdle in their life presidency project. They then drove off from parliament and dropped me in the parking space of case clinic which they had earlier referred to as their hospital in their discussion,

While at case clinic,the health workers donning white appeared, put me on the stretcher, took me into a private room, tried to inject me with a chemical substance which I repudiated strongly and promised to sue them if they persisted, this they complied but forced me to drink some warm liqid. I requested them to call my relatives to which they agreed and since I was devoid of my phones I read them my dad’s number, they raised him and he appeared and caused my transfer to Rubaga Hospital in an ambulance.

While reaching mengo, iam told that I lost consciousness and was put on life support, indeed that my story was ending there but thank God once more for the relatives,health workers in Rubaga hospital, friends,hon members of parliament and all those that visited,prayed and also those that wished me well, iam alive.

For appreciation, allow me thank once more all of you friends,comrades,the people of mityana municipality who have visited me and those that prayed for my recovery,the leader of opposition RT.Hon Winnie Kizza, The Peoples’President H.E Dr. Kizza Besigye, The Lord Mayor, His Worship Erias Lukwago, The Ghetto Gladiator,The Ghetto President H.E,hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine, hon Kato Lubwama, hon Nsereko Muhamad, hon Deo Kiyingi, hon Ssajalyabeene Emmanuel,hon Semakula Luttamaguzi and all those that visited me, thank you.
In a special way I should also thank MITA, Mityana traders association for footing my hospital bill, may God reward you abundantly.

Finally, to you General Katumba Wamala, it is only God who begins one’s story and therefore only him can end it when he deems it fit. I have forgiven you and pray that God rewards you but according to your deeds.

To Ugandans and comrades in the struggle, protecting our Constitution is my duty, I won’t yield to intimidation, I vow to protect, defend and fight it’s adulteration to my last breath.


For God and my Country

Zaake Francis Butebi MP



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