How Kadaga survived Age limit assassination plot


As we had earlier revealed that the Age Limit debate was allowed to pass on Gun point, one has a million reasons to worry about the entire saga and how it will climax due to the numerous shocking developments emerging left and right.

Following the Wednesday 27th September 2017 bloody parliamentary session that turned chaotic and led to the suspension of 25 lawmakers from the August House while others almost kissed their coffins, our sources have revealed shocking details.

Our source paused intriguing questions to us before  we even pushed into this exclusive information;

How could a full minister with body guards sneak a gun in a heavily guarded House that even putting on red bandana on your head was enough to make you get lifted and twisted left and right like Wandegeya fried chicken?

What was so special about the motion getting tabled after a chaotic session that left the microphone stands, bulbs and future in pieces, Did the motion have an expiry date that if not tabled that day, the sun would stop shinning the next day?

Lastly according the parliamentary rules, if a legislator misbehaves during a plenary session, He or she can face a suspension by speaker on the advice of the parliamentary disciplinary committee, why were they not sent to committee first because they never misbehaved in the plenary when they were suspended.

Well in an exclusive interview with our mighty Insider source, managed to break for us why some events had to move the way they did.

It is said that the chaos broke up at parliament, when information leaked that there was a huge plot to eliminate Speaker Rebecca Kadaga if she dared to refuse the controversial motion to get tabled. We are told that Kadaga was under strict instructions by the powers that be to preside over the session or face the consequences.

According to the information, there was an already positioned executor of the plot who was hired by some officials to do the smart job and walk way. However but the plot was cut short when the Kadaga surprised them and took a decision that majority never expected and allowed the motion to be tabled amidst the dead fracas that ensued.

Our source add that besides Minister Ronald Kibule coming with a gun in the Chamber, there were more than 12 NRM MPs who were armed with short guns for reasons only known to them.  The source said that the MPs mission was not to slay around with guns, but had ulterior motive and the situation could have turned bloody.

It should be remembered that it’s Hon. Ssemujju told Parliament about the presence of a gun in the House because Hon. Kibule had warned to kill him and showed him the gun before the session started. However, the next day after the speaker read the names of the suspended MPs and adjourning the session for the 30 Minutes, Hon. Ssemujju Nganda who was not on the list of the suspended MPs was the first one to be arrested and whisked away to the room behind the speaker’s chair where he was strangled, kicked for a while.



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