Kayihura: I rather volunteer as a crime preventer than retiring


The inspector general of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura has vowed to stay leading the Uganda police regardless of the constant demands from opposition leaders.

Kayihura made this statement while speaking to Nkumba University students during the Uganda National Students function yesterday.

He promised that he will stay representing the police force because they are willing to disrupt the peace of the country which he claims to have diligently kept.

‘I will only retire depending on the peace conditions in the country.’ He said.

However, Kayihura advises the people who want him to retire to keep peace that the country sacrificed to achieve. According to him, he believes that Is a betrayal to the country if he walks out of the police and lets all efforts to maintain peace shutter.

Kayihura’s efforts and determination to stay part of the Uganda police are so strong as he is willing to actually volunteer if fate does not leave him as the police chief. ‘Uniform or no uniform, I wont retire.

I may be more active as a crime preventer.’ Kayihura remarks. Gen. Kayihura further warned the people who want to distract the country by burning down the cities that he is aware of their plan and he is carefully watching them and they should be very careful.

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