Abiriga’s car breaks-down in middle of the road, pushed like a wheelbarrow

Strong men push Abiriga’s car like a bicycle carrying potatoes

Arua municipality lawmaker Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga was today spotted stranded near the office of the prime minister after his car abruptly failed to start in the middle of the road.

Since this is the entry route that connects to the parliament staff parking and the Prime Misters office, the famous controversial lawmaker was forced to push his VW Breatle away like a Wheelbarrow  to create space for his bosses.

Frustrated Abiriga, moved out speechless, faced the stood along the road as he watched his car get pushed like a wheelbarrow.

It should be noted that this place is just a few meters away from the ministry of finance wall that was sprayed with urine by the same man recently.


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