Gagging media means damaging Uganda’s reputation – Kanaabi

Directives by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) stopping the live broadcast of particular political events and hosting opposition politicians is meant to create fear in the public.

This is the view of Haruna Kanaabi, the head of the Independent Media Council of Uganda, a platform that promotes self-regulation, independence and freedom of the media.

He argues that UCC’s mandate involves provision of communication for all, which inevitably includes dissenting political views.

Kanaabi adds that suppression of the media is damaging Uganda’s reputation in the world and negatively affect the country’s attractiveness as an investment destination therefore gagging is unfortunate, it is intended to create fear and despondency in journalists, media owners and the public.

Last week, UCC, the government body which regulates the broadcasting sector, stopped the live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings. A number of radio and television stations have also told of how unidentified persons have directed them not to host opposition politicians, particularly those opposed to the lifting of the presidential age limit.





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