Kadaga: Why should I apologize for suspending indisciplined members?


Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has that she will not apologize for the last week’s decision of suspending members from the House over the Age limit motion.

Speaking during plenary this afternoon, Kadaga said that the opposition leaders what caused mayhem are the ones supposed not her who brought the House to order.

Kadaga noted that the speaker of parliament cannot apologize for mistakes committed by individual lawmakers therefore those calling for her apology only need to calm down their temper.

One a special note, Kadaga further warned that the House will not tolerate such kind of indiscipline that happened anymore there citing that as long there is breach of the rules, she will suspend them the more.

“Parliament is a house of diplomacy, and intellect not a house of wrestlers. I will not accept that to happen here.” Kadaga said.

However opposition lead by the chief whip Hon. Ssemujju Nganda said that parliament is for all Ugandans, therefore issued discussed there deserve to be benefiting all the Ugandans not individual interests.

He added that as long as issues being tabling are against the will of Ugandan, the battle on the floor has just started and will only stop till when parliament stops accepting being raped by the central government.

These statements follow the last week’s Chaotic parliament session where the speaker allowed the controversial age limit motion get tabled an event that forced opposition MPs to clash with the ruling party lawmakers.


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