Ssemujju says Uganda will be like Somalia if Museveni insists on life presidency

Ssemujju Nganda

Kira municipality member of parliament Hon. Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda has condemned the manner in which president Museveni is ruling this country.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television early this morning, the opposition chief whip in parliament added that President Museveni has made himself the center of stability in this country something that is very dangerous for the country and the region at large.

Ssemujju noted that the day Museveni leaves power, Uganda will be in another Somalia where each General has something to control if he does not thing about peaceful transition of power.

He also added that the people vending the infamous presidential age limit removal bid need to know that there will be repercussions when Museveni leaves at whatever stage there advising them to guide him and help him retire in peace.

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