Museveni has played his part, allow him retire honorably – Prof. Bukenya tells NRM

Prof. Bukenya

Former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya has also thrown his Wight behind the team of elders fighting the removal of the presidential age limit.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with BBS Television, the ex- Busiro south lawmaker said that its unfair for president Museveni to seek for another team in office noting that he is blocking the route for the young generation to serve the country.

Bukenya also attacked the people peddling the move and described the as opportunists and shortsighted to an extend that they can’t consider what may happen to the country when Museveni is gone.

As man who served his government for decades, Bukenya says wishes Museveni to be called the father of the nation and wants him retire honorably.

“Museveni has been my friend for long and he is still my friend up to date. I wish him to be called the father of the nation but when I hear his ministers insisting on life presidency, I feel like crying because he needs to retire honorably.”

Bukenya insists that what president has not done in 30 years can never be done in the next five or ten years.

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