Abiriga dodges court over the summons of urinating in public

Arua MP Abiriga

Kampala Capital City Authority Court recently summoned MP Abiriga Ibrahim to court for urinating on a wall fence of the Ministry of Finance which he admitted from the time his photos circulated on different social media platforms claiming that he was ‘badly off’.

The Arua MP however failed to turn up to court session today that was to be presided over by Moses Nebanda, the Grade One Magistrate as expected.

Col. Ibrahim Abiriga was however represented by his lawyer, Usama Sebufu who informed the magistrate about the late summon of his client hence making it difficult for the MP to appear before court due to a busy schedule in his constituency.

‘The summons were served late. Right now he is back to his constituency.’ Says Col. Abiriga lawyer, Usama Sebufu. Col. Ibrahim Abiriga is being accused of being a public nuisance contrary in section 27 of the Local Government (Kampala City Council) Maintenance of Law and Order Ordinance (2006).

The magistrate has therefore resolved to extend the criminal sermons and adjourned the case against the Arua MP to October 25.


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