Pallaso has never seen even the colour of my knickers – Sheebah


Famous diva Sheebah Karungi has this evening pushed the world in silence when she said that she doesn’t remember the former Team No sleep member Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso.

Speaking while appearing on KFM Super star Friday, The Ndiwanjawulo hit maker said that all she had with Pallaso was strictly business which partnership also ended.

Sheebah adds that by the time Pallaso returned from America, she was already big artist who couldn’t fall for an upcoming artist like Pallaso.

She however confessed having good time with the dude following the success of collaborations they had together before he moved on with life.

The duo are the faces behind hit songs like Mundongo, Go Down Law among others done together before Pallaso left Team No Sleep to form his Team Good Music.

Ever since he left, he sang hitsongs like Mama, Twatooba, Iam on Fire, Bubbling among others.

Pallaso, Sheeba and AK-47

Pallaso and sheebah performing

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