Tension as NRM Youth threaten to fight age limit Bill

Museveni with some of the party leaders.

Tension has rocked Uganda’s ruling National resistance Movement (NRM) party following the unpredicted move by the party’s Youth League to denounce the proposed age limit removal bid.

The bid which is the only legitimate hook in the bowl to make Museveni ineligible for re-election in 2021 when his current mandate expires has gone on probation as mixed reactions arise from the Youth league one of the most influential leagues in the party.

News reaching our desk indicates that Close to 3,000 NRM leaders comprising the youth league, are scheduled to meet at Mandela National Stadium Namboole on Friday 27th October 2017 to discuss the proposed amendment to scrap Article 102(b) of the Constitution.

According to the invitation issued by the National Youth League Chairman Nasur Gaddafy, invites all NRM youth league leaders based in districts and Sub Counties to turn up for the meeting that will be attended by some big NRM officials .

However Majority of the NRM youth leaders are actively opposed to this insisting that it’s a bound to pave Museveni’s life presidency something that has forced some youths to put several conditions.

Controversial Demands

Our highly placed source revealed that besides being curtailed by the party rules of supporting the majority move, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Youth League have gotten divided following the different demands of interest.

The first group is that of the politically ambitious young leaders who want the age limit lifted up and at the bottom. This implies that as the 75 limit is being scrapped off, the other demand is to allow 35 starting point be reduced to 18 years so that they can get opportunities of running for other positions at the secretariat and others like mayoral posts which opportunities begin at 35. Apparently the only juicy position is that one can run for at 18 is Member of Parliament which has been taken over by some big lawmakers that are also not willing to retire.

The second group is that of the money minded team that doesn’t care a lot about the political positions except financial benefits. About this team, our Insider adds that unlike the legislators who were given 20 million each for consultative meetings amounting to about 90 billion, the controversial youth league members are demanding for about 50 million each in order to give green light to the motion. Its also said that the intension of this demand is to also enable the unprivileged youths have a share from the Museveni’s age limit package.

“The whole secret about the demand for money that the boys also want to eat like the others, this is the last time such offers are coming, and being honest the youth league alone cannot stop the move. That’s why they also want to reap from the bid because President is already willing to spend any amount to see that the move goes throw.” Said our Insider.

These have stood out as the biggest demands and if not meet, the age limit bid might have to face the trashcan thus denying Museveni an opportunity to reign for more years.

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