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Tracing Minister Anite’s Amin tactics to popularize Age limit

Minister Evelyn Anite this morning pushed the world in utter shock when she borrowed former President Iddi Amini Dada’s operation tactics to popularize the controversial age limit removal bill.

In an event held at Koboko district headquarters, Anite was seen dressed in a yellow gomesi and air lifted like Uganda’s former President Ida Amin by strong men donned in white shirts with embedded words; amend article 102b.

Our sources in Koboko have revealed that Anite who doubles as the Minister of State for Privatization and Investment actually share same blood linage with the Late famous President of Uganda Iddi Amin. It is said that Minister Anite’s grandfather and late President Amin were first Cousins and paternal relatives.

Meanwhile in Koboko, the slaying session was short-lived as she was attacked by angry youths carrying placards and donned in red ribbons protesting the age limit removal and shouted anti age limit choruses.

Anite is one of the pivotal pillar for the age limit amendment and has been at the helm of controversy following her utterance that nobody can stop the removal of article 102b since it’s a move by the ruling party that has state resources at its disposal including the support of the Military ( Majje).

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