Spice Diana spills Police secrets, who am I to beat a trained officer?

Singer Spice Diana

Famous local musician Spice Diana has accused the Uganda police officers of torturing and manhandling her during the recently climaxed Kamapala City Carnival.

Speaking to the Insider, Spice says all the allegation of beating up police officer are forged stories by the force aimed at covering up the matter since they have nothing to accuse her for.

The Onsanula Hit maker says she was attacked by the officer on her way to perform as she was in company of her fellow artists trying to find way among the many revelers at the mega event.

However according to police, Spice was arrested and denied for some hour over the weekend on allegations of trying to fight a police officer something that the Diva denies saying she is too weak to fight a trained officer.

Diana who sustained multiple injuries and got admitted for about four days says that police is trying to cover up information since they know she has nothing she can do after all she is a poor girl.

Spice Diana with the B2C boys




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