Lukwago to Museveni: Go back to Rwakitura, Uganda not your father’s asset

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Kamapala city lord Mayor Elias Lukwago has begged the head of state to observe rule of law and accord respect to the people of Uganda.

Lukwago made this statement during the anti- age limit consultative rally organized by Hon. Michael Kabaziguruka in Kireka Town Nakawa Division.

Lukwago also said that president as the fountain of honour needs to make political steps that will keep Uganda united and at peace for the next years to come.

“Uganda has gone through a lot of bloodshed and pain, Mr. Museveni should think about leaving it in peace not pieces but the biggest problem that he does not listen and respect people something that will mess up this country after his departure.” Lukwago said.

He however noted that though the opposition is being silenced and tortured the fight for the truth, the struggle will not end till the country is fully liberated.

“Mr. Museveni sits down and thinks Uganda is for his father, that’s a huge dream, being a president is like a contract, when it expires you leave for others when to serve. Therefore he should planning to go back to Rwakitura and leave our beautiful country in peace” He added


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