Focus on health, Education services not constitutional amendment – Tooro leaders tell Museveni

President Museveni

Tooro leaders have urged the government to withdraw from amending the constitution because it is a luxurious issue benefiting just specific individuals and not the entire country.

The leaders came to this agreement to give out their opinion in one of their statements issued on Saturday after their meeting about the age limit bill that has been a trending topical issue under the umbrella of Isaazi ly’Abaantu Bakuru Ba Tooro, a movement meant to represent the opinions of the people of Tooro.

Here, they all came to a joint agreement that the people have proved and showed that amendment of the constitution is not one of their priorities and therefore the government and other officials pushing it should just leave the article 102(b) and focus on other important issues.

‘We do note with concern that there are some provisions in the constitution which were to be reviewed within a specific time but have been delayed.’ The elders noted.

They further urged that the people pushing for the amendment should ensure use of peaceful means and also ensure that they focus on the wide group of people which consists of most religious and cultural leaders that have shown resistance to this amendment since it is the same people that sent them to power.

In the statement, the elders also encouraged elected leaders of Tooro to focus on the issues like education, health, education, investment opportunities and transport instead of non-developmental issues.

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