Kenzo Flees Own Home

BET winner and Stamina singer Edirisa Musuza famously known by his stage name, Eddy Kenzo has abandoned his own home, the insider reports.

The latest is that Kenzo now rents an apartment in Buziga, a posh Kampala suburb.

Eddy Kenzo.

Our highly placed sources reveal that Kenzo deserted his own home due to the conflict he is having with his girlfriend Rema Namakula.

“The conflict dates way back when Kenzo was accused of infidelity. They have never resolved their issues and this time round the situation is worse,” revealed the source.”

It is imperative to note that recently, Kenzo and Rema don’t see eye to eye and it was evidenced at producer Danz Kumapeesa’s burial.

Kenzo’s Mansion

This website understands that upon winning the BET Award and securing several international gigs, the Mariaroza singer bought the mansion in Seguku, a Kampala suburb.

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