Stop being funny, How can you block M7 because of just 75 years – Kahinda

Kahinda Otafire

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs Gen. Kahinda Otafiire vowed to back up any lawmaker who would support President Museveni’s life presidency bid.

Speaking during the celebration Ceremony for Hon. Micheal Mawanda NRM representative for winning an election petition for the Igara East Constituency, Kahinda said that no one should lock out president Museveni out of 2021 race just because of being above 75 years of age.

Kahinda added that constitution is unfair therefore it needs to be corrected with article 102b amended.

He also noted that the constitution is not a holy book of commandments from God therefore amending it is not a crime but just a role of the legislators.

“The constitution you are busy bragging with i hear ‘Togikwatako’ is not a holy book of commandments from God therefore amending it is not a crime but just a role of the legislators.” Kahinda said.

He argued that no MP above 65 years of age was involved in the recent fight in parliament.

Kahinda also attacked the former Igara East MP;Andrew Martial for opposing plans to amend the constitution, asking “who is Martial ?, by the way I don’t know him”

However his speech was cut short by angry residents who has gathered to lynch him following the utterances of pro age limit statements citing that enough is enough president Museveni needs to give room for the young generation to also lead the country he has ruled for over 3 decades.

The Igara East parliamentary seat fell vacant on 3rd Oct.2017 when court of appeal nullified Hon.Andrew Martial’s election and ordered fresh election.

Kahinda on War

Kahinda disclosed that 4,700 NRA fighters died in Luweero during the bush war therefore they won’t lock Museveni out of race the act that may cause war again.

He further revealed that he was part of the 1995 constituent Assembly that made the constitution and the article 102b was moved by DP representatives with an intention to bar the former UPC president Dr.Apollo Milton Obote from contesting for president again.


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